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Becoming a Champion: Defense and Blocking

Becoming a Champion: Defense and Blocking

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with John Dunning, Head Coach,
Head Coach Stanford University,
2004 & 2001 NCAA Champs;
former University of Pacific Head Coach,
1985 & 1986 NCAA Champions

  • Part 1: Defense. Coach Dunning begins the defensive portion of this video by sharing the ingredients he feels are necessary for becoming a better defensive player: Attitude, relentless in pursuit of the ball, Vision, what you see on the court, Balance, Individual techniques, and Feel for the game. He then leads you through an eight-part demonstration of detailed sequences of individual defensive ball handling drills designed to increase fundamental defensive skill development. Dunning then moves into the skills of digging: 2 arm, 1 arm, overhand single and 2 hand, plus slide digs, all taught and demonstrated by Coach Dunning, who also shares both individual and paired strategies and drills and discusses the importance of constant communication with teammates, as an important factor is successful defense.

  • Part 2: Blocking. Dunning shares detailed skill instruction on how to develop a strong blocking move and teaches the side step and swing block techniques. Coach Dunning spends time at the net showing blocking technique for both taller and shorter players as well. Individual, paired, peer-coached, and transition drills are demonstrated in the final segment of this information packed video! 53 minutes. 2002. DVD.

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