Becoming a Champion: Hitting

Becoming a Champion: Hitting

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with John Dunning, Head Coach,
Head Coach Stanford University,
2004 & 2001 NCAA Champs;
former University of Pacific Head Coach,
1985 & 1986 NCAA Champions

This video is the most comprehensive personalized instruction available and a must for improving your game! Dunning approaches hitting from the basics while always keeping an eye on more advanced skills. Dunning begins with an explanation of some of the attributes to effective hitting: Vision, Ball Speed, Ball Control, Attitude, Becoming a student of the Game, and Hitting Off-line. He then proceeds to lead you towards these skills by beginning with the basics and moving towards the more complex skills . all with the goal of power, precision, and injury prevention! Dunning shares sequential individual ball control progressions in each of the eight different parts of the video.

    The eight parts are:

  • Part 1: Topspin and Ball Control,
  • Part 2: Placement Hitting and Accuracy,
  • Part 3: Sets and Timing,
  • Part 4: Focus on Landing,
  • Part 5: Offensive Strategy and Off-Direction,
  • Part 6: One-Legged Attacking,
  • Part 7: Training for Right and Left Handed Players, and
  • Part 8: Drills for Hitting Control.
57 minutes. 2002. DVD.

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