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Advanced Technique Training: Hitting, Serving, & Blocking

Advanced Technique Training: Hitting, Serving, & Blocking

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with Bond Shymansky,
Georgia Tech Head Volleyball Coach; 2004 ACC Coach of the Year

In this comprehensive 3-section video, Coach Shymansky shares the arm swing skills expertise that has catapulted Georgia Tech Volleyball into national prominence! In all of the instruction, Shymansky follows a pattern of showing the entire skill, breaking down the skill into components, and re-building the entire skill. Game footage included allows you to see these skills in a competitive situation.

  • Part 1: Hitting - Break down of hitting components for middle and outside attackers with straight-on and cross-body arm swings. Also included are the roll shot, the deep tip, and the sweep shot.

  • Part 2: Serving - Both the aggressive float serve and the jump serve are taught. Shymansky builds both of these serves from the ground up using drills and techniques that offer you an easy-to-follow teaching progression.

  • Part 3: Blocking - Shymansky details the technique and instructional methodology for solo blocking and the swing block. He begins with set-up positions followed by lead-up drill progressions that lead to blocking skill perfection. 70 minutes. 2004. DVD.

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