Rolling Progressions

Rolling Progressions

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with Chris Lamb,
Wichita State University Head Volleyball Coach
former Head Coach and founder of the Empire Volleyball Club (California)

In this systematic rolling progressions video, Lamb shares more than 25 lead-up drills and variations. Lamb begins with establishing the proper positioning on the floor in the fully extended position. He then progresses to the roll itself. Once a player is comfortable with the extension and roll, Lamb adds the proper moves required to quickly get the player back to their feet. Utilizing several unique drills and word-pictures that your players will clearly understand, he demonstrates the proper posture and set up position a player needs for executing the dig and roll. Lamb also shares lead-up techniques and teaching methodology for digging live balls. Lamb's system for teaching the roll is unique, systematic, fun you're your athletes, and most important, it WORKS! 37 minutes. 2004. DVD.

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