Armswing Progressions

Armswing Progressions

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with Chris Lamb,
Wichita State University Head Volleyball Coach,
former Head Coach and founder of the Empire Volleyball Club (California)

Chris Lamb believes that the jumping phase of the attack naturally feeds into the armswing phase. Lamb's methodology for his armswing progressions was motivated by his unique ability to see and solve skill-related problems that athletes frequently face in the sport. Lamb begins his progression with establishing the proper arm position, specifically the elbow. As in all of his progressions in this series, Lamb paints vivid word-pictures and verbal cues for his players. Once the proper hand and elbow position is established, Lamb proceeds with a throwing progression that isolates each intricate segment of a technically correct armswing emphasizing proper foot position, body turn, high elbow, weight transfer, striking technique, and follow-through. Within the progressions, Lamb shares with you several props that he implements with players of all ages to assure injury free skill execution Also included in this creative video, Lamb shares several of his patented quick fixes of common armswing errors. This video is a homerun for an easy to follow teaching template for the armswing! 37 minutes. 2004. DVD.

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