Serving Progressions

Serving Progressions

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with Chris Lamb,
Wichita State University Head Volleyball Coach,
former Head Coach and founder of the Empire Volleyball Club (California)

In this video, Chris Lamb shares with you his systematic teaching progression for the float and jump serves. In Part 1: Float Serve Progressions, Lamb shares a 7-step progression and in Part 2: Jump Serve Progressions he shares a 6-step progression. Included in both are the body position set-up, toss positioning including tips for delivering a successful and controlled toss, body rotation, striking hand technique, ball contact, and proper follow-through techniques. Throughout each progression are special verbal cues and unique naming of each of the specific moves/techniques necessary to implement a successful serve. Lamb uses demonstrators ranging in age from 4th - 8th grade, showing you firsthand how these lead-up progressions can positively impact players of all ages, sizes, and ability levels. 35 minutes. 2004. DVD.

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