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Three Middle Hitter Double Quick Offensive System

Three Middle Hitter Double Quick Offensive System

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with Geoff Carlston,
Ohio State University Head Coach:
former Ohio University Head Volleyball Coach,
4X Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year; 4X MAC Champions

This is an excellent overview, in five parts, of the Double Quick Three Middle Offense System.

  • Part 1: The Basics of the System - Carlston offers a detailed walk-through of six different serve receive rotations.

  • Part 2: Rotation Options - Carlston shows the flexibility the system allows -quick situational changes that can keep the opponent off guard while maintaining quick fluidity of the system.

  • Part 3: Applying the System to Your Team - Carlston points out pros and cons to consider and follows with demonstrations of audibles to teach ways to still create an effective middle hitter attack.

  • Part 4: Defensive Line up and Match Ups - Carlston demonstrates the ease of creating positive block match ups for your team versus your opponent.

  • Part 5: Key Points for Effective Execution - Carlston shares/reviews five factors for implementing this dynamic free flowing system! 36 minutes. 2005. DVD.

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