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Mick Haley's Winning Strategies: Coaching Rally Scoring

Mick Haley's Winning Strategies: Coaching Rally Scoring

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with Mick Haley,
University of Southern California Head Volleyball Coach;
4X NCAA National Champions, 4-year United States National Team Coach

Mick Haley's introduction to Rally scoring came as the US Olympic Coach in 2000. With the rally replacing the side out game, Haley was well ahead of the curve. Haley views the rally game as a sprint to 25 - a game of maximizing your potential and minimizing your errors. In this DVD, Haley shares the concepts, statistical strategies, and drills that will greatly influence how you view the rally game and how you approach the rally game! In Part 1, Basic Concepts of Rally Scoring, Haley shares his views on the rally system and shares seven statistics-based facts of the rally game that will point out which areas to focus on. Haley also discusses keys and strategies for "how to score more points!" In Part 2, Winning Statistics for the Rally Game, Haley discusses player performance and presents a system of stats that he utilizes to evaluate play that point out team strengths and weaknesses as it relates to achieving scoring efficiency necessary to win in the rally system. He shares his system of numbering and formulas on how to identify benchmarks in each area of play. In Part 3, Constructing a Winning Lineup, Haley shares how to construct a lineup that will offer the most effective attack options that incorporate his precise strategic approach to the rally game. He shows how to chart your system by charting each rotation. In Part 4, Rally Game Attacking, Haley shares a five-strategy attack approach to take advantage of attack opportunities. In Part 5, Drills for Rally Scoring, Haley diagrams/demonstrates three "rally specific" drills that he utilizes to teach and reinforce a high percentage hitting game. This DVD is sure to help you take full advantage of the rally scoring system! 62 minutes. 2006. DVD.

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