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Mick Haley's Defensive Strategies Series

Mick Haley's Defensive Strategies Series

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Mick Haley's Defensive Strategies: Individual & Team Skills
with Todd Dagenais,
USC Assistant Coach

In this comprehensive defensive presentation, Mick Haley's assistant Todd Dagenais shares virtually all aspects of teaching, coaching, and drilling team and individual defensive skills. Dagenais begins the presentation by sharing USC Volleyball's Six Principles of Defense and Training and then moves onto the court for defensive skill development to present instruction and breakdowns (group and team) for nine specific skill areas; they are:

  • Proper Body Position - Establishing the body position that affords maximum core management.
  • Principles of Contact - How to get to the target and 3 rules for contact.
  • Principles of Recovery - Demos of what needs to happen after ball contact.
  • Principles of Movement - Proper feet movement, eye position, core placement.
  • Movement Skills - Specific instruction for shuffling, running, and getting to drop rotation.
  • Progression Drills -7 different lead up drills - individual and group.
  • Mid-Position Skills - 12 different skills for passing and digging
  • Low Position Skills - Rolling and recovery including extremely low dig move.
  • Emergency Skills - 8 unique skills for defensive emergencies.

Dagenais shares invaluable tips as each move is made and each drill executed that gives a great model of teaching, coaching and motivating players to not only learn the skill but to be accountable for their defensive skill responsibilities! 52 minutes. 2006.

Mick Haley's Defensive Strategies: Systems & Concepts
with Mick Haley,
University of Southern California Head Volleyball Coach;
4X NCAA National Champions, 4-year United States National Team Coach

In this long awaited video, Mick Haley shares the defensive system that his team's success has centered around. He describes his system as a system that breathes, that is flexible, and easy to put in, and can be used at every level. Haley begins with a common language segment, sharing his systems of identifying and numbering positions and zones with the goal of simplicity. In Part 1, "Concepts," Haley shares a detailed lesson on 12 concepts that are "rules to live by" and serve as the building blocks for bringing specificity to his defensive strategy. In Part 2, "Defensive Systems," Haley presents a complete comprehensive marker board breakdown of his Rotation Defense, including area assignments, responsibilities, and variations. In Part 3, "On the Court," Haley takes you through the defense step by step with his players demonstrating the system and it's nuances. Not only do you get the benefit of the system itself, you get the added benefit of one of the world's top coaches, in action, drilling his team with defense. You will see how Haley motives, teaches, and holds his players accountable for every phase of the system! To further enhance understanding the defense, Haley includes game footage showing the system in action and at game speed. 59 minutes. 2006.

Mick Haley's Defensive Strategies: Team Drills & Progressions
with Todd Dagenais,
USC Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach

In this team defense video, Haley assistant Todd Dagenais shares the drills and progressions that are at the heart of training Haley's defensive system. In Part 1, Ball Control Drills, Dagenais shares two drills that work short and deep arc passing skills. Part 2, Pepper Series, includes three different drills that incorporate several technique options that incorporate individual defensive skill techniques into the drills. In Part 3, Dig and Set Series, Dagenais includes 10 different drills along with several variations to focus on specific aspects of digging. In Part 4, Run Through Series, Dagenais picks up the pace with a five drill series that challenges the players to read and react at game speed. Part 5, Team Defense Drills, includes over seven different team drills that challenge the defense with nearly every imaginable situation. Not only will you learn drills, you can watch the positive high-energy coaching styles of both Haley and Dagenais and see how they coach to bring out the best in their players and team! 44 minutes. 2006.

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