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'Gettin' Better' - 40 Tips for Better Setting & Defending

'Gettin' Better' - 40 Tips for Better Setting & Defending

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with Bond Shymansky,
Georgia Tech Head Volleyball Coach;
2004 ACC Coach of the Year

Taking your game to the next level is all about Gettin' Better. In this presentation, Bond Shymansky presents 40 tips that are designed to help you take your game where you want it to go! This presentation deals with two key parts of winning volleyball: Setting and defending. Being great at setting is about being great in your mind, heart and hands. Shymansky shows how proper hand positioning makes your movements tighter, more concise and efficient while allowing for touch and finesse on sets. Shymansky details a number of setting techniques, including the spin set, jump set, back & front one set, one-hand set and the peak-a-boo set. Other skills covered to develop a complete setter include footwork, targeting, attacking and rotating off and on the net. Defending is all about attitude and going after every ball on every play. Defense starts with good, tight body positioning. From a palms up position, the player can create two platforms to deflect the ball. Other teaching points include the drive, 3-meter target, one step extension, floor extension, hands defense, one arm j-stroke and the pancake. Range, confidence and ball control will be the result of these defensive tips. This DVD delivers two more cornerstones of the game of volleyball that will increase your skill and productivity on the floor. 89 minutes. 2006. DVD.

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