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Winning Strategy for the 6-2 Offensive System

Winning Strategy for the 6-2 Offensive System

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with John Knuth,
Marysville HS (MI) Head Coach;
over 1,000 coaching victories,
2X National Coach of the Year;
9X State Champs (including eight in a row);
192 consecutive wins ('96-'00) is #4 most all-time nationally!

The 6-2 Offensive System relates to having six attackers and two setters in the offense. According to Coach Knuth, the benefits of this offense are that it keeps three attackers in the front row, utilizes two setters that are also skilled attackers and the coach can substitute shorter players in the front row. Another advantage is that after rotation libero can be replaced by a defender. Knuth explains all of the basic offensive positions and the various rotations they make in the offense. Serve receive is an important part of the 6-2 offense. He also demonstrates three set plays out of this offense. A good drill package accompanies the teaching points and keys. Drills help set the offense, and develop front and back row attacks. Knuth does an excellent job of analyzing each play option, highlighting the responsibility of each position. Overall, this is a complete look at this winning offensive attack. 65 minutes. 2007. DVD.

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