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Game Speed Drills for Training Competitiveness

Game Speed Drills for Training Competitiveness

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with Jim Moore,
University of Oregon Head Coach;
2006 Pac-10 Coach of the Year;
2X D-II National Coach of the Year;
1993 D-II National Championship (at Northern Michigan)

Coach Moore believes that training with competitive drills is the key to getting a team to play hard. Moore presents over 15 different drills with several variations that will assist you in helping your team train for competitiveness at game speed. Moore divides the drills into three groups: Non-6-on-6, 6-on-6 (non-wash) and wash drills (6-on-6). Throughout this library of drills, Moore shares ways to vary the drills to focus upon specific positions, as well as how to tweak the drill to address specific tactical challenges that your team might be experiencing. He also addresses how to adjust drills to be "ability appropriate" for your team. Included are strategies to ramp up the intensity of the drills to make them skill challenging and physically challenging to increase your team's conditioning and stamina. Moore's drills are certain to assist you in challenging your team's competitive resolve.

55 minutes. 2008

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