Game Speed Passing Drills

Game Speed Passing Drills

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with Jerritt Elliott,
University of Texas Head Coach;
2008 NCAA Final Four;
finished 2008 ranked No. 4 in the final AVCA poll

Texas Coach Jerritt Elliott shares with you passing drills and concepts that he has successfully implemented with his Texas Longhorn team. Elliott builds this presentation from basic individual skill development to advance skill training. Beginning with the basic stance, Elliott teaches a balanced posture from which quick and efficient movement can occur. Next, Elliott details movement patterns for serve and serve receive. Moving into game speed drills, Elliott takes you into three individual fast paced passing drills, both coach and player initiated. He follows with 2-, 3- and 4-man live serve receive drills. In the final phase, Elliott demonstrates more competitive drills that feature server vs. passer, 2 vs. 3 passing, and 3 vs. 2 passing. Throughout each drill sequence Elliott offers valuable coaching tips on what to look for in maintaining sound fundamentals while performing at game speed. These drills are flexible in design and will work on any focus area your team needs to improve upon. DVD. 2009.

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