Game Speed Attacking Drills

Game Speed Attacking Drills

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with Kirsten Bernthal Booth,
Creighton University Head Coach

In this instructional volleyball DVD, Creighton coach Kirsten Bernthal Booth shares 10 game speed "base drills" that offer multiple options and flexibility to wrap around the attacking needs of your team. Throughout all of the drills, Booth offers nuances and strategies of how to vary the drills to best meet varying attacking needs for your situation. Booth begins with a high-speed middle blocker arm swing drill before moving into a middle blocker transition progression drill. She then moves into a triangle approach drill that includes three different set-up variations and a middle vs. middle scored drill. Booth then shares a high-speed vision sequencing progression for developing peripheral vision; an essential skill for successful hitting. Out of system attack drills and dig transition drills follow before moving into two half-court area drills. Free ball crossing pattern, in system vs. defense and a raised net drill round out the presentation. This volleyball DVD offers a variety of drills and excellent insight from Booth. DVD. 2009.

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Game speed "base drills" that offer multiple options!
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