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Libero: The Definitive Guide!

Libero: The Definitive Guide!

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with Todd Dagenais,
University of Central Florida head coach,
former USC Assistant Head Coach

With this incredible three-disc DVD, Todd Dagenais has truly delivered "everything libero" that will teach you how to maximize every possible option and advantage that the libero position can afford your team. Disc 1 details the characteristics and skill set of the libero position. Dagenais then moves into serve receive as it pertains to the libero position with drills and training strategies for effectively using the libero in serve receive. Disc 2 features technical demonstrations and drills to train all aspects of how the libero can enhance defensive play. Dagenais covers defensive principles; body positioning; movement patterns; mid, high and low range defensive skill techniques; overhand digging; and seam coverage. In Disc 3, Dagenais moves into defensive concepts and strategies for building a defense with you libero as the focal point: including base defense, perimeter and rotational defensive systems, along with defense behind a "1-on-1" and "split block". Also included are attack coverage keys and strategies. Dagenais also shows secondary setter aspects of the position and includes tactics, techniques and strategies. In the final segment, Libero tactics, Dagenais shares the intangibles that you can implement with your libero to best help your team. Dagenais' instruction will fully equip you to add a dedicated libero strategy to your program. DVD. 2009.

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Get the tools you need to excel at the libero position!
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The Libero position is a "game changing" position!
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