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Skill Development Drills for Training the Libero

Skill Development Drills for Training the Libero

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with Cecile Reynaud,
retired Florida State Head Volleyball Coach

Teach your libero to be more than "just a passer."

In this 2009 AVCA Convention presentation, legendary coach Cecile Reynaud breaks down the critical elements for the libero with active on-court drills and competitive play.

Coach Reynaud covers five critical elements for better libero play:

  • A six-point libero job qualification list.
  • Guiding principles for the libero.
  • Training keys for developing the libero.
  • Five essential areas for successful passing.
  • 11 key points for becoming a defensive specialist.

Reynaud does a masterful job of intertwining passing and defensive drills to validate each critical element. She manipulates the drills to assure multiple first-contact touches for the libero.

This information-packed presentation will give you invaluable information to consider for selecting, developing and utilizing the libero to help your team be successful. 60 minutes. 2010.

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