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Competitive Training Drills for Error-Free Outside Hitting

Competitive Training Drills for Error-Free Outside Hitting

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with Jenny McDowell,
Emory University Head Coach;
2008 D-III National Champs;
2008 D-III National Coach of the Year;
over 400 career victories

Jenny McDowell believes that ball control gets you to the big match, but outside hitting wins you the big match.

In this passionate six-part presentation from the 2009 AVCA Convention, Coach McDowell shares her philosophy, training methods and drills for creating the type of error-free outside hitting that will help win you the big match.

McDowell begins with a brief discussion to the mental aspect of outside hitting. She moves into the training segment with a brief warm-up for hitting she describes as "pepper with discipline."

The bulk of McDowell's competitive drills are broken down into four segments:

  • Court Positioning: McDowell leads her demonstrators through outside hitting drills from varying court positions and out of system attacking.
  • Explosive Approaches: McDowell presents drills to reinforce stronger approaches to give your outside hitters more options and the most control.
  • Transitioning and Maintaining Vision: This segment features a four-drill progression that progresses from simple to complex.
  • Competition with Practice: McDowell shares five additional competitive training games with scoring systems designed to reward error free hitting. McDowell shares how to modify the scoring to best fit the needs of your team.

Using these drills, McDowell's squad finished fifth in the nation in 2009 in hitting percentage (27.5%). Now you can train your outside hitters to hit for a higher percentage. DVD. 47 minutes. 2010.

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