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Brain Games for Better Volleyball Play

Brain Games for Better Volleyball Play

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with Jeff Meeker,
Cornell (IA) College Head Coach,
Sport Psychology Professor

How many points have mental errors cost your team?

Jeff Meeker delivers 14 competitive games that will help your athletes "think" and play a better game. He shows how to structure this training to make it challenging, productive and game-like.

Coach Meeker demonstrates activities that will improve four key mental areas for your team:

  • Communication: As a player, do you make your teammates better? Understand the importance talking and listening, learn to pull together in challenging situations and to problem solve as a group.
  • Focus, Concentration and Cue Utilization: Are your players paying attention to the right things during a game? Sustain concentration, improve court vision and learn to assist a player in processing what they see.
  • Risk Management Games: Are we playing smart? Focus areas in this segment include; pushing the envelope while playing smart, rewarding good errors, penalizing bad errors and maintaining focus.
  • Competiveness and Cooperation: How do we combine these attributes to be our best? Be competitive, train harder, motivate your athletes to play better and cooperate with teammates to make the team better.

Implementing Meeker's brain game approach in training is sure to develop better play from your team, improve your player's volleyball IQ and create a positive and challenging climate in your gym!

DVD. 2010.

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