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Techniques and Tactics to Win the Serve

Techniques and Tactics to Win the Serve

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with Todd Dagenais,
University of Central Florida head coach,
former USC Assistant Head Coach

Use these simple serving techniques to increase your ace-to-error percentage.

Todd Dagenais presents a user-friendly guide to assist your players and team in dominating the serve game.

Dagenais reveals a five-step progression for teaching a player to develop a serving routine--an essential for a player's serving success.

See clear, precise and easy to understand explanation of serve mechanics. Learn to position the feet, toss arm and hitting arm for solid contact with every toss. Discover the best way to toss the ball for accuracy and ball movement. Dagenais finishes the skill segment with proper ball contact strategies, including proper follow through technique to maximize power and speed.

Dagenais demonstrates five types of serves that progress in difficulty from the most basic to the most advanced. As the serves progress in difficulty, they increase in power and ball movement as well. These serves include underhand, floater, standing top spin, jump (and jump float) and jump top spin. Included are benchmarks players and coaches can use to determine the best time to move up to a more difficult type of serve.

Learn eight rules to take advantage of your team's serving strengths and expose your opponent's serve-receive weakness.

Dagenais closes with seven fun and competitive serving games that train a player to develop accuracy before adding speed and power.

This comprehensive instruction is sure to give your program a competitive edge in the serving game!

DVD. 2010.

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