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Winning the Middle: Getting Your Middles More Swings

Winning the Middle: Getting Your Middles More Swings

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with Fran Flory,
Louisiana State University Head Coach;
2010 SEC Champions, 2010 SEC Coach of the Year
Fran Flory demonstrates how she trains her middles to play fast and to emphasize jumping that is quick vs. high. Within this discussion she offers strategies for teams that have middles who are slower or have a slower swing. 

Flory demonstrates a series of eight middle hitting drills that include: 

•One foot spikes
•Location setting 
•Creating angles 
•Offensive timing
•Beat the middle 
•Middle with three blockers
•Force the middle
•Force the middle tips and rolls

Flory explains the format and function of each drill and offers narrative during the drill that gives invaluable insight into coaching systems and reacting to challenges that the defense creates. 

Flory concludes her presentation with Q & A that gives more insight for developing your middles and your middle attack. 

Take advantage of this effective offensive weapon this season!

53 minutes. 2011.

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