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Taking Advantage of Your Disadvantages: Designing Systems That Fit You

Taking Advantage of Your Disadvantages: Designing Systems That Fit You

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with Anne Kordes,
University of Louisville Head Coach;
former St. Louis University Head Coach
In any given season, all teams face challenging situations that force change. Anne Kordes believes that teams can creatively take on the challenges of change and not only survive, but thrive. 

In this high energy on-court presentation from the 2010 AVCA Convention, Coach Kordes shares a variety of system adjustments that you can implement to put your players in the best position to succeed. She examines fives situations and gives you strategies to address each.

How to adapt to a slow middle - Strategies addressed include creating and tweaking your offensive system to allow time for the middle to get to the ball. Kordes then reviews how to best utilize the slower middle on the defensive side with blocking and passing strategies.

How to best utilize a small outside hitter - Included in this situation: How to adjust the approach, how to "hide" in the offense, and how to win a ball on a block at the net. Kordes also covers specific shot technique for the small hitter. 

How to best assist with serving and free ball challenges - Kordes identifies preferred zone strategies for serving and free ball situations. 

How to best utilize a slow setter - Teach your setter the key to "getting a step" on the ball. Kordes also outlines how to best defend with a slow setter. 
How to get more practice reps for teams with only one coach - Kordes demonstrates several drills that show how to maximize reps through player and coach initiated drills. 

Kordes' strategies will greatly assist you to make the most out of the cards that you are dealt. 

51 Minutes. 2011.

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