Exploring New Roles for the Libero

Exploring New Roles for the Libero

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with John Kosty,
Stanford University Head Men's Volleyball Coach
John Kosty believes that the Libero position is a "game changing" position. Coach Kosty breaks down of the qualities of the libero position including physical attributes and volleyball skill proficiency along with the mental aspects necessary for success in the position. 

He discusses:

•The importance of training the libero to set the tempo for the offense.
•Libero specific defensive strategies and responsibilities. 
•Skill specific training for the libero.
•Four libero roles that he feels will give you the best opportunity to maximize team success through your libero. 
In a final Q & A segment, Kosty fields questions from coaches and offers advice on how to overcome a variety of libero specific areas. 

53 minutes 2011.

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