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Team Talk: Talking Your Way to Volleyball Success

Team Talk: Talking Your Way to Volleyball Success

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Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne Associate Head Volleyball Coach Stephen Florio will challenge you to look at how you approach communication in your program. Florio shares his innovative communication skill set using more than 25 drills and activities dedicated to training on court communication. These drills are appropriate for any level of team and have been implemented by Florio at all levels from club through university. Included in these activities are two-player warm-up drills, partner drills, pepper drills, serve receive drills, and 6-on-6 drills. What makes these drills so effective is that they require concentration and thought in order to be successful, and they're fun and unique, which keeps players engaged. Florio's drills are all integrated into game skills, position and team play. The statistical evidence shows how many more points are won with effective communication - you cannot afford to miss out on implementing these strategies with your team! DVD. 59 minutes. 2011.

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