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All Access Volleyball Practice with Russ Rose

All Access Volleyball Practice with Russ Rose

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Penn State University Head Coach Russ Rose shares 6 practice sessions with you. Interspersed throughout each practice are skill and strategy discussions Rose uses to outline and clarify expectations for playing Penn State volleyball. You will gain invaluable nuggets of coaching insight that reflect Rose's style of play and demonstrate his philosophy of letting players play and work through their challenges, rather than stopping and correcting every mistake. Watching these practices will allow you study Rose's daily practice structure, cue words, philosophy, and glean numerous drills to implement into your program. This presentation gives you insight into not only the skill side of the game but the teaching and coaching techniques of Russ Rose's Penn State powerhouse program. Order now and uncover these proven strategies and philosophies for yourself! 5 DVDs (498 minutes). 2011.

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