Becoming a Champion Libero

Becoming a Champion Libero

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with Sarah Drury-Petkovic,
University of Louisville Director of Volleyball Operations,
former USA National Team Libero, Ranked fourth in the world as a libero in 2006
Sarah Drury-Petkovic knows firsthand what it takes to become a championship-caliber libero. Drury-Petkovic began her volleyball career as a walk-on at Louisville and eventually landed a spot on the US National Team and being touted as the fourth best libero in the world.

In this information-packed DVD, Drury-Petkovic arms you with the tools you need to excel at the libero position. 

Drury-Petkovic embarks on a five-drill passing progression that includes 18 passing drill options. These drills train passing from every angle of the court to develop accuracy in any rotation. 

•Lanes Narrow Drill - A basic-to-advanced progression that incorporates movement patterns with passing. 
•Serve Receive Drill - A two drill set that works the basic fundamentals of passing. 
•Angle Passing Progression - Develop passing accuracy when you're forced to play a ball outside of your body. This progression takes the player from basic kneeling drills to drills that add movement and more difficult serves.
•Drop Step Passing - Fundamentals for passing the balls that get behind you. 
•Hollowing Out Drill - Learn to fight off the balls that get into your body. 
Defensive Moves 

•Collapse - This progression teaches you how to "pop up" those hard-driven, low balls and keep them in play for your team. 
•Dig and Roll - Extend your range and dig balls that are far outside your body. This five-drill progressions begins with minimal movement and progresses to a dig and roll. 
•Base to Read Technique - Develop the footwork and timing you need to read and dig tough balls. 
•Overhead Digging - Learn key techniques for keeping those high, hard driven balls in play while still being in position for a low ball.
To complete the libero skill set, Drury-Petkovic discusses and demonstrates skills for out of system setting. Learn how setting from the libero position is different than how a setter would set the ball. These slight variations will make a big difference in your success with this skill. 

Throughout this presentation, Drury-Petkovic constantly teaches and shares nuances of the libero position based on personal experience as a player and a coach. This presentation is great for athletes and coaches alike and is a must have to take your libero skills to the championship level! 

45 minutes. 2011.

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