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Training the Keys to a First Ball Side Out

Training the Keys to a First Ball Side Out

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University of Georgia Head Coach Lizzy Stemke shows you ways to convert your opponents serves into first ball side outs. Build the confidence and enthusiasm that your team needs in order to thrive by teaching them this skill! As Coach Stemke explains the techniques to convert first balls into side outs, her team demonstrates the drills and progressions they use in practice. She starts with serve and receive skills: posture, arm and foot movement, and team communication, with drills aimed towards improving the team;s ability to pass to the net. Next, she discusses proper technique for hitting, including arm swing, hitting from all over the court, foot speed, transitioning, and running the offense at full speed to keep the defense off balance. Coach Stemke also provides game-like situations that reinforce the skills presented in this DVD. This enables your team to easy implement the skills during real games. Learn how to frustrate your opponents and win even more points! 87 minutes. 2013.

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