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How to Train and Win the Volleyball Serve & Receive Battle

How to Train and Win the Volleyball Serve & Receive Battle

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with Nabil Mardini, Los Angeles Volleyball Academy Director of Operations; Pierce College Head Coach, Back-to-Back-to-Back CCCAA California State Champion, 2x AVCA 2-year College Coach of the Year

According to research, the three least productive volleyball moves are: 1) missing a serve; 2) serving a ball that an opponent can pass; and 3) hitting a ball out of bounds or into the net. Conversely, serving tough and in-bounds are among the most important skills in volleyball. In this fast-paced presentation, Nabil Mardini shows how to teach and train serving and passing with a focus on deliberate practice of these essential skills.

Coach Mardini's serve instruction includes teaching the jump float and jump spin and his passing philosophies are based on training the player at an early age to be able to face and angle with the platform. His 4-on-4 drill is the staple of his practices that enable his players to focus upon an improve serving and passing in a high pressure competitive setting. Mardini includes several variations that show how to manipulate the game to best serve the most critical improvement areas facing a team. This 4-on-4 demonstration shows how rapid, deliberate repetition for serving and passing is critical to success in the game.

This presentation will offer drill ideas for quality control in serve and serve receive that will help your team be more successful on the court.

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA. 59 minutes. 2014.

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