Developing the Slide Hitter

Developing the Slide Hitter

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with Bond Shymansky, University of Iowa Head Coach; former Marquette University Head Coach; 2013 Big East Champs; former Georgia Tech Head Volleyball Coach; 2004 ACC Coach of the Year

Running a slide attack is a very technical skill. In this presentation, Bond Shymansky breaks down each component of the slide attack and teaches it from the ground up. Coach Shymansky gives in-depth explanations, demonstrations and drills that take the guesswork out of coaching the slide attack.

Building a slide hitter
Starting with mechanics, Coach Shymansky breaks down footwork, arm swing, rhythm and timing, and adjustments. He demonstrates drills to isolate each part of the skill. Most drills involve a coach tossing the ball, although more advanced drills use the hitter and a setter. These drills give coaches everything they need to teach their players how to run a slide attack.

Transition footwork
The next segment focuses on transitioning off of the net to get into the correct position to run the slide attack. Coach Shymansky explains the proper positioning of the attacker and why other ways will not work.

Again, he begins with a simple walk-through with a player and then adds the setter to make the drill more game-like. To create unpredictability, he varies the way he enters balls into the drill. This helps the hitter learn how to adjust to the tempo of the pass and set.

One foot take-offs
This segment shows coaches how to train all hitters from all positions at the net to run a slide or one foot take-off type of attack. This kind of attack is hard for the opponent to block and defend.

Coach Shymansky demonstrates how to practice the slide with all of your attackers and how they can adjust their footwork from different locations at the net. Very simply put, once hitters learn the footwork and rhythm, they can do it from anywhere.

If you're looking for one DVD that shows you how to teach the slide, this is it. Coaches will gain great knowledge in the footwork, legwork, arm preparation, arm swing and transition of the slide attack. This is a great presentation for coaches of all levels who want to increase the difficulty of their offense. 57 minutes. 2014.