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Wayne Walters Swarm Defense 3-Pack

Wayne Walters Swarm Defense 3-Pack

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Featuring Wayne Walters, inventor of the SWARM Defense,
former Head Coach at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.
His junior college team forced more than 30 turnovers per game in the last four years of his coaching career.

This three video set features:

Scorpion SWARM Attack 2-3 Zone Defense

Super charge your 2-3 zone for more forced turnovers and easy baskets.>
  • Force your opponent into a particular set/formation in order to set up a trap and create turnovers
  • Run a 2-3 half-court zone defense that transforms into a 1-3-1 or a man-to-man after a specific pass or call
  • Learn a strategy for rotating players to make consecutive traps at the top, wing, and corner spots

76 minutes. 2015.

SWARM Match Up Zone Defensive Concepts

Match your zone defense to different offensive alignments and enable your players to fully utilize their skill sets while creating a more dynamic defense.

  • Run match up zone versus odd or even front offenses
  • Learn multiple strategies for defending dribble penetration from different spots on the floor
  • Minimize second-chance points by rebounding out the zone and using block-out responsibilities

94 minutes. 2015.

Junk SWARM Defense

Learn three junk defenses for eliminating your opponent's top scoring threat(s) and force their not-so-skilled players to beat you.

  • Learn junk defenses that allow you to define specific defensive roles for your players based on their strengths
  • Teach players how to work together to defend against multiple cutters and dribble penetration
  • Increase the chaos with supplemental defenses you can use after a time out or in late game situations

53 minutes. 2015.