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WBCA Basketball Series

WBCA Basketball Series

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Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN), this seven video set features:

The 2-3 Flip-Flop Zone Defense

with Andy Landers, University of Georgia Head Women's Basketball Coach; distinguished member of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (2007); 4x National Coach of the Year

  • Learn how to keep the ball out of the paint while turning up the ball pressure
  • Discover ways to use the flip-flop zone to take away the vulnerable high post
  • Teach your defenders to flip-flop to shut down dribble penetration
  • Learn how to aggressively disrupt ball screens, post feeds and weak side flashes, and disrupt your opponent's offense

For the first time anywhere, legendary University of Georgia Head Women's Basketball Coach Andy Landers shows how to increase ball pressure and prevent the ball from getting into the paint with his twist on the 2-3 zone defense. The key to this defense is the "flip-flop" rotations that allow interchangeable players to cover multiple spots on the floor.

54 minutes. 2014.

Essential Components for a Successful Offense: Cutting, Spacing and Fakes

with Melanie Balcomb, Vanderbilt University Head Coach; Most winning women's basketball coach in Vanderbilt history; over 400 career wins; 3x SEC Tournament Champions; 12 straight NCAA Tournament appearances at Vanderbilt (2003-14)

  • Learn the "finer points" of offense that can make your players difficult to defend
  • Teach players to "read" the defense and counteract accordingly
  • Learn how to control the defense with shot fakes, ball fakes and offensive counters
  • Teach your team how to properly move without the ball on offense

Coach Balcomb shares the finer points of offensive concepts that every successful team must master. She teaches players how to play and coaches how to instruct their players in movements and actions, not patterns. With the Finer Points of Offense, you'll develop players who attack more freely, more effectively and as a team.

54 minutes. 2014.

Maximizing the Shell Drill for Defensive Success

with Bob Starkey, Texas A & M University Assistant Coach; former coach at LSU; back-to-back Final Four appearances as acting Head Coach at LSU

  • Get six different variations of the shell drill that allow you to simultaneously work your defense and offense
  • Learn how to customize the shell drill for specific actions and screens
  • Learn how you can use the shell drill to create disadvantageous situations to test your help defense and defensive rotations
  • Learn how to use the shell drill to emphasize communication and transition defense

Using on-court demonstrations, Legendary LSU Assistant Coach Bob Starkey shows you how to use the shell drill to teach the basics of your defensive philosophy as well as how to defend certain movements and actions, and adjust offensive tendencies so you can use it to scout opponents.

38 minutes. 2014.

Competitive Rebounding, Defense & Transition Drills

with Holly Warlick, University of Tennessee Head Women's Basketball Coach; distinguished member of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (2001); WBCA Maggie Dixon Rookie Coach of the Year Award (2013); 3x All-American point guard at Tennessee

  • Develop a defensive rebounding mentality using drills that put players in disadvantageous situations
  • Learn how to enhance your transition offense using a competitive scrimmage drill that encourages the offense to advance the ball before the defense has a chance to set up
  • Discover how to build defenders who will play hard all the way through a possession
  • Learn how to simulate game-like action with drills that combine defensive rebounding and transition offense

Using on-court demonstrations, Holly Warlick shows you how she gets her SEC championship teams at Tennessee to play tough defense and dominate the boards to spark their transition game. Coach Warlick shares the competitive drills that she uses daily in her Volunteer program to build a rebounding and defensive mentality.

44 minutes. 2014.

Harry Perretta's Unscoutable Zone Offense, Volume 2

with Harry Perretta, Villanova University Women's Basketball Coach; over 670 career wins

  • Learn a zone offense that will showcase your best player and get them more shots
  • Get tips and strategies for training players to read and react quickly to the zone defense
  • Learn three ways to start the offense using a high/low, 2-3 and 2-1-2 set up
  • Learn how to use inside-out ball and player movement to create gaps in the zone
  • Learn how to easily transition into the offense out of transition

In this on-court demonstration, Coach Perretta takes you through a conceptual offense that defines roles for your players and allows your team to exploit gaps within any zone defense. Drawing on 30-plus years of experience, Coach Peretta has evolved a continuity zone offense based on patterns and predictability into an unpredictable, concept-based offense. Your players will learn how to play the game of basketball instead of memorizing plays and patterns.

60 minutes. 2014.

20 Quick Hitters for Scoring Against Man or Zone

with Jeff Walz, University of Louisville Head Coach; 2x national runner-up (2009, 2013); 2009 Big East regular season and tournament runner-up

  • Get 20 quick hitters that provide scoring opportunities against man defense, zone defense or end-of-game situations
  • Learn how to create scoring opportunities in special situations using proven baseline in-bounds and full-court plays
  • Get a late game, full-court play with multiple options for pulling out a win
  • Learn how to exploit switching man-to-man defenses

Louisville Head Coach Jeff Walz shares 20 quick-hitting plays that have helped make his teams a perennial national title contender. This collection of plays gives you scoring opportunities at crunch times against man-to-man or zone defenses. Also thrown in the mix is a full-court, end-of-game situation with multiple scoring options.

52 minutes. 2014.

Movement Training for Building Explosive Basketball Players

with Jackie Ansley, CEO, Owner and Performance Coach of Performance Training Inc.; WNBA Strength Coach for Atlanta Dream, Washington Mystics, Detroit Shock; has trained over 130 professional basketball players

  • Maximize athleticism and explosiveness using proven speed, agility and quickness drills
  • Learn lateral movement training exercises to improve your players' ability to stop dribble penetration and close passing lanes
  • See how to maximize gym and workout time by combining multiple basketball-specific movements into one series

WNBA Strength Coach Jackie Ansley helps you develop the athleticism of your players in a presentation packed with strategies from her own experience. You'll learn basketball-specific drills that can be performed on a court to train the athletic movements behind multiple facets of the game. Develop a program that can improve the athleticism of players without the need for regular access to a weight room.

42 minutes. 2015.