Winning the Draw

Winning the Draw

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Learn a comprehensive strategy for controlling the draw as an individual and as a team.
  • Identify the individual characteristics necessary for your draw control team
  • Train your players to effectively execute most productive draw techniques
  • See a drill progression that will improve players' wrist speed, strength and technique
  • Develop your team strategy for draw controls

with Cindy Timchal,
U.S. Naval Academy Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
8x National Championship Coach at Maryland (seven consecutive),
2x National Coach of the Year, 400 career victories;
all-time winningest coach in Division I Lacrosse history

and Gabby Capuzzi,
U.S. Naval Academy Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach; All-American at Ohio State University

Controlling the draw is one of the most important aspects of lacrosse. This video focuses on the importance of selecting the correct personnel for your draw team, then developing proper technique and strategy for both individual and team success.

Cindy Timchal and her staff simplify the draw technique into four basic types, which are determined by the intended outcome. Individual coaching points and key concepts are first practiced with the players performing the draw. Next, the same techniques are further tested against a partner. Finally, the draw instruction is fine-tuned in a live exercise.

Individual Techniques and Drills

Assistant coach, Gabby Capuzzi, identifies the characteristics of an ideal draw specialist and examines four types of draws. Capuzzi then runs through the technique used in draw controls (push or pull) with emphasis on hand position and the movements associated with these two techniques.

You will learn specific drills and coaching that will develop players' confidence and ability when performing the draw. These drills are intended to develop the reaction time, speed, strength and endurance necessary to be a successful draw artist.

On the field, Coach Capuzzi shows a series of draw progressions. The series begins with individual reaction drills to improve wrist speed and strength, then moves on to working with a partner to improve technique.

Team Techniques and Drills

Winning the draw is a team effort. Each player is responsible for supporting the efforts of the player performing the draw. Emphasis is given to selecting the right personnel for your draw unit, and key concepts for each player are explained in an effort to give the offense the advantage they need.

The concepts covered include boxing out, being quick off the line, running through the ball and providing outlets. You will learn drills that include 3v3 on the Circle, as well as full field 12v12 to work on outlets and offensive transition off the draw.

This video is a fantastic resource for coaches of all levels looking to build the skills of their draw player. Through the use of draw calls and adding individual responsibility, this video emphasizes the roll of the team in winning more draws.

46 minutes. 2015.