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Tom Brands' Domination Pinning - Cross Wrist Series

Tom Brands' Domination Pinning - Cross Wrist Series

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Tom Brands has won an Olympic Gold Medal, 2 World Championships and 3 NCAA Championships as wrestler. In addition, he has coaches 2 NCAA Championship teams. Now, you can benefit from his experience and knowledge of the sport!

Tom Brands shows you how to turn the Cross Wrist Breakdown and into a great pinning hold. This is one of Coach Brands favorite moves and now you can learn this move from one of this wrestling legend. Brands starts with a demonstration of how to run the cross wrist breakdown and how to get into the right position for pinning. When the opponent is broken down he shows several tilts and turns that you can used based on how the opponent reacts. He places a lot of emphasis on the Turk, hitting the move with both arms and legs. Brands finishes by showing you how to hit the Turk from the standing position off a double leg or high crotch takedown. 40 minutes. 2001.

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