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Attacking with the Double Leg

Attacking with the Double Leg

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Tom Brands has won an Olympic Gold Medal, 2 World Championships and 3 NCAA Championships as wrestler. In addition, he has coaches 2 NCAA Championship teams. Now, you can benefit from his experience and knowledge of the sport!

Tom Brands provides detailed instruction and demonstration of the double leg takedown, a basic move that every wrestler should be able to perform properly. Brands is very thorough in his expaination and demonstration. He starts with proper positioning , then goes right into set-ups as he shows how to pop the arm, snap the head and then tap the head. In this DVD, Coach Brands shows six finishes, including the high crotch to a double, smash double, down block to a re-shoot and underhook/inside tie.

Brands also supplies several options for finishing when the opponent sprawls and forces you to the mat. Drills to reinforce the skills are given throughout the DVD to help you perfecct the move. Master the double leg style with instruction from this great coach! 35 minutes. 2001.

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