Combative Games

Combative Games

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with Mark Cody,
Head Coach American University;
former Assistant Coach Oklahoma State University, 3X All-American

Looking for a way to erase those practice room blahs? Mark Cody, with 17 years of coaching experience, has compiled a tape filled with more than 15 combative wrestling games to liven up your practice, while still achieving a quality workout. Games featured include tug-of-war, jumping jack, bump on the back, shark bait, kings-queens-jacks, and many, many more. These games are designed to help improve your wrestler's speed, quickness, balance, strength, conditioning, recovery, action/reaction, and practice how to attack from different positions. The games can be done with two wrestlers or 100, as teams or individually. This video will make it fun for your wrestlers to come to practice! 33 minutes. 2001. ISBN 1-56404-772-5. DVD.

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