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Ben Peterson's Favorite Moves: Rolls

Ben Peterson's Favorite Moves: Rolls

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In the 1970's, Ben Peterson was one of the top wrestlers in the world. His accomplishments include an Olympic Gold Medal and 2 NCAA Championships. In this DVD, Peterson teaches you one of his favorite moves: Rolls. This detailed discussion and demonstration includes four different levels: from the feet, a half standup, from the base and flat on the mat. Peterson starts by showing the fundamental core positon of the roll with emphasis on wrist control and a solid base. He then shows you nine different rolls, including the roll named after him - The Peterson Roll. He also demonstrates set-ups that can be used to hit these rolls. There is also a section on defense, how to fix a broken role and other useful combinations. See why and how Peterson became one of the best wrestlers in the world! 2001. DVD.

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