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John Smith's Set-ups & Tie-ups: Being Effective from Your Feet

John Smith's Set-ups & Tie-ups: Being Effective from Your Feet

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As the Head Wrestling Coach at Oklahoma State University, John Smith has a long history of success, including 5 NCAA Championships, 9 Conference Championships and 8 Conference Coach of the Year titles. As a wrestler he has won 2 Olympic Gold Medals, World Championships and 2 NCAA Championships. This is an astounding set of accomplishments and now Coach Smith shares his knowledge, experience and skill with you!

In this DVD Coach Smith provides highly effective set-ups and tie-ups that will help take any wrestler to the next level. There are three areas shown including Inside Control, Elbow Control and Reset Positions. There are at least five set-ups for each of these areas.

The Reset Position enables a wrestler to reverse control with a 2 on 1 or an underhook. Inside Control techniques include wrist control, pull/pass and inside post. In the Elbow Control section, Smith demonstrates elbow hyperextension, steering wheel and over the top.

Learn how to set up the move and prevent penetration by your opponent from a legendary coach and wrestler. 60 minutes. 2003.

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