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Dan Gable: Coaching Mental Toughness on the Mat

Dan Gable: Coaching Mental Toughness on the Mat

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As the Head Coach at the University of Iowa, Dan Gable has won 15 NCAA Championships and 21 straight Big Ten Titles. As a wrestler he was undefeated in high school, was an Olympic Gold Medalist and won 2 NCAA titles, University.

Mental roughness is necessary in order to develop as a wrestler, especially in the areas of tactics, toughness, strength, flexibility and conditioning. Join Dan Gable as he discuss and demonstrates the importance of mental toughness. In this DVD he will guide you through a practice session that covers the following topics: Warm-up, standing offense and defense, top position, bottom position, and recovery/conditioning. The drills provided by Gable will give you the attitude that you can take anyone down at any time and that no one can ride or turn you. Learn how to be in control and see how Gable was able to dominate his opponents on the mat! 73 minutes. 2004.

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