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Mark Ironside: Sitback Series

Mark Ironside: Sitback Series

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with Mark Ironside;
2X NCAA Champion at the University of Iowa,
1998 Dan Hodge Trophy winner

Mark Ironside teaches you his "go to" escape that helped him earn two NCAA Championships - the Sitback Series. The Sitback differs from the traditional sit-out in that you are moving back into your opponent, which helps keep your hips underneath you and give you a better chance to control your opponent's hands. Ironside begins by showing the proper starting position, and then breaks down his Sitback, and includes a lesson on how to do a proper hip heist. Once the basics are covered, Ironside shows how to effectively execute the Sitback versus many common situations your wrestlers may find themselves in, including a 2-on-1, underhook, bar arm and more. This escape works well for those wrestlers who don't have that "explosive reflex" off the bottom. Ironside calls the Sitback series "a move that can make good wrestlers great!" 48 minutes. 2006. DVD.

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