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Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Breakdowns - Stopping the First Move

Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Breakdowns - Stopping the First Move

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As the Head Wrestling Coach at Oklahoma State University, John Smith has a long history of success, including 5 NCAA Championships, 9 Conference Championships and 8 Conference Coach of the Year titles. As a wrestler he has won 2 Olympic Gold Medals, World Championships and 2 NCAA Championships. This is an astounding set of sccomplishments and now Coach Smith shares his knowledge, experience and skill with you!

Being successful at pinning your opponent requires that you break him down on the mat. In this DVD, Coach Smith shows you several breakdowns, from both the feet and the top position. Smith demonstrates three breakdowns from the mat: the ankle pick, the spiral ride, and the chop. In addition to showing proper technique, he also discusses when to use each one. Three variations of 'the chop' are included to counter the stand-up. The spiral ride is very effective against a tripod. The ankle pick can be used to create a turk position.

In the second part of this DVD, you will see how to bring your opponent back to the mat if he does get to his feet. Smith shows you four effective ways to get your opponent to the mat. Learn the methods that have been used by Smith's teams to win multiple chamionships! 44 minutes. 2006.

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