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Jon Trenge: Overhook Series

Championship Signature Move Series
Jon Trenge: Overhook Series

Championship Signature Move Series<BR>Jon Trenge: Overhook Series

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with Jon Trenge,
Lehigh University Assistant Coach;
2X NCAA Runner-up,
2X Midlands Champion;
3X EIWA Conference Champion

When Jon Trenge graduated from Lehigh University, he left Greg Strobel's program as the winningest wrestler in Lehigh history. A large part of that success came from this potent overhook series. Trenge takes an in-depth look at the overhook, providing his personal insight on how to make the series more devastating for your wrestlers. He begins with the basic concepts of the overhook, covering key points such as positioning, stance, free wrist position, footwork and how to move the opponent. Trenge then demonstrates his seven favorite set-ups for the overhook. From these set-ups he shows 10 different takedown techniques from the overhook that encompass throws, leg attacks and counter offense. These moves include Kick & Pick, Inside Trip, Sag Headlock, Duck to Power Trip, Near Leg Single Polish and more. Trenge breaks down each move step-by-step, showing it from multiple angles as well as full speed. This series will give your wrestlers many options to score two - or go for the fall! 58 minutes. 2007. DVD.

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