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Gable Coached Partner Workout

Gable Coached Partner Workout

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As the Head Coach at the University of Iowa, Dan Gable has won 15 NCAA Championships and 21 straight Big Ten Titles. As a wrestler he was undefeated in high school, was an Olympic Gold Medalist and won 2 NCAA titles, University. This legendard coach runs a demanding practice for his teams. In this dvd he gives you the drills that you need to give you wrestlers a complete physical and mental workout that you can immediately incorporate into your practices. Coach Gable starts with a warm-up that includes hip heist drills and pummeling. These drills will prepare your wrestlers to give 100% while also fine tuning vital positioning techniques. The majority of the instruction focuses on seven drills used in a live setting. The offensive drills work on penetration, reaction and set-ups. The defensive drills will help your wrestlers keep their opponents off their legs. These drills will also be useful for wrestlers who have difficulty penetrating by turning their defense into counter offense. In the final segment, Coach Gable presents for drills for finishing practice. These drills can be done with as little as two wrestlers or with the entire team. They can be done with or without a coach, during a team practice or by the wrestler on his own. 59 minutes. 2008.

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