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Gable Coached Individual Workout

Gable Coached Individual Workout

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As the Head Coach at the University of Iowa, Dan Gable has won 15 NCAA Championships and 21 straight Big Ten Titles. As a wrestler he was undefeated in high school, was an Olympic Gold Medalist and won 2 NCAA titles, University. In this dvd, Coach Gable shares some excellent individual workout drills that train explosive movement and conditioning. These drills are great for wrestlers looking to supplement their workouts. Coach Gable starts with a morning workout designed to the the wrestler ready for a hard workout and also promote conditioning. Next, he covers four vital areas: Set-ups, Set-ups and Finishes, Finishes, and Stance and Motion. In each area there are at least four drill sequences to give your wrestlers the technique work out needed to ensure they are able to score the takedown. Gable also focuses on head driven finishes to keep the opponent off balance. These sessions can last about 10 to 15 minutes, or even less depending how you choose mix and match based on your wrestler's needs. 61 minutes. 2008.

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