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Coaching High School Wrestling: Pin to Win

Coaching High School Wrestling: Pin to Win

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Wrestling Coach Scot Davis has over 850 victories, making him the winningest coach in amatuer wrestling history. In addition, he was named Coach of the Year by Wrestling USA Magazine in 2007 and Coach of the Year by the National HS Coaches Association in 1998. Now, Coach Davis shares his knowledge and experience with you!

What is the most exciting move in wrestling? A pin, of course. It can change, in a instant, the momentum for you team and get the crowd very excited. In this DVD, Coach Davis shows seven great pinning techniques that will help you dominate on top. These moves include: a hammerlock series, an arm bar series,pinning with the legs, the spladle and Owatonna's signature high half series. Davis also gives you several different finishes with eash series, allowing you to earn the fall from any situation. 41 minutes. 2008.

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