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John Smith's Chain Wrestling Formula

John Smith's Chain Wrestling Formula

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As the Head Wrestling Coach at Oklahoma State University, John Smith has a long history of success, including 5 NCAA Championships, 9 Conference Championships and 8 Conference Coach of the Year titles. As a wrestler he has won 2 Olympic Gold Medals, World Championships and 2 NCAA Championships. This is an astounding set of sccomplishments and now Coach Smith shares his knowledge, experience and skill with you!

With effective chain wrestling your wrestlers will be able to string together a combination of moves allowing them to score points even when they get stopped. This skill set must be learned and that can only happen with the right training and instruction. With the DVD you can get the best instruction available which you can pass on to your wrestlers, allowing them to dominate their opponents with the right sequence of moves.

Learn the drills that Smith uses to teach on the feet, top and bottom position, defense, freestyle and more. Other demonstrations include: a high crotch to drag to a breakdown position, tight waist to getting back to your base to hip heist, a chop to wrist control to arm bar, and more.

Staying on offense even when stopped is a vital skill for all wrestlers and allows them to keep going until they score points! 52 minutes. 2009.

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