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John Smith's 20 Championship Wrestling Drills

John Smith's 20 Championship Wrestling Drills

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As the Head Wrestling Coach at Oklahoma State University, John Smith has a long history of success, including 5 NCAA Championships, 9 Conference Championships and 8 Conference Coach of the Year titles. As a wrestler he has won 2 Olympic Gold Medals, 6 World Championships and 2 NCAA Championships. This is an astounding set of accomplishments and now Coach Smith shares his knowledge, experience and skill with you!

In this DVD, Coach Smith shares 20 of his best drills! Learn the drills that he uses with his own team that has won 5 NCAA Championships. Topics covered include: Stance, Motion and Level Change Drills; Speed & Balance Drills; Sit Out Drills; Back Arch Drills; Hip Heist Drills; Stand Up Drill; Hip Toss Drill; Conditioning Drills. Mastering these drills will give your wrestlers the skills they need to win more matches.

Additional areas of emphasis include: improving footwork, developing explosive speed and power, improving down wrestling technique, getting back on your feet, hitting shots more quickly, improving balance, avoiding takedowns, and more!

Learn the drills that have created champions! 48 minutes. 2009.

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