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Strength Training for Young Wrestlers

Strength Training for Young Wrestlers

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with Scot Davis,
Owatonna (MN) Head Coach; 2009 Dream Team Classic Head Coach;
2x National High School Coach of the Year ('07 and '98);
Over 900 dual meet victories - the most all time by any wrestling coach; Minnesota
Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame;
2x Minnesota High School Coach of the Year;
2x State champions

and Ric Steele,
Owatonna (MN) JHS Assistant Coach/Weight Training, certified personal trainer,
former Arizona St. University wrestler, 3x Missouri High School State Wrestling Champion

Parents and coaches are always concerned about what age their child or athlete can safely begin a weight training program. Scot Davis, the all-time winningest coach in amateur wrestling history, takes on the myths and rumors of lifting weights at the youth level and demonstrates safe lifting techniques and circuits for young wrestlers.

Coach Davis, with the help of certified fitness trainer Ric Steele, a two-time Missouri state wrestling champion and former Arizona State University wrestler, demonstrates an eight-step circuit training program to build strength in your young wrestlers. This program addresses the strength training needs of wrestlers starting at age 12.

Davis and Steele guide you through warm-up exercises and eight multi-joint exercises. Multi-joint exercises safely work several muscle groups simultaneously to create total body strength.

Junior high wrestlers perform each exercise with Steele describing the proper technique of each, as well as the benefit of each exercise and simple equipment and technique variations to meet your needs. These exercises can be done anywhere and with items found around the house.

These exercises, when performed properly, will enhance your athlete's development and lay a solid foundation for building a strong and athletic physique. This program will increase strength, muscular endurance and conditioning.

This DVD is designed for wrestlers, but can be used as a guideline for any young athlete wanting to begin a weight training program.

Help your athletes build a better base for future strength gains and develop an understanding of muscle groups they must train to become stronger, better athletes. This DVD is a great place to start any weight training program! DVD. 42 minutes. 2009.

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