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Leg Slip Series

Leg Slip Series

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with Tom Borrelli,
Central Michigan University Head Coach;
2010 MAC Coach of the year (11x MAC Coach of the Year);
11x MAC Tournament Champions; 1998 NWCA Coach of the Year

Make your opponents think twice before choosing the top position.

Tom Borrelli has spent a large part of his 31-year coaching career developing and refining the Leg Slip technique. This is a proven method for defending leg riders and is a major reason for Borrelli's 11 conference titles and 2010 MAC Coach of the Year Award.

This technique enables your athletes to wrestle for reversals and pins, not just escapes.

Coach Borrelli begins by teaching the key to the leg slip - the swim technique. This method gets the opponent to his hip and puts your athlete in prime position to hit a reversal and score back points.

Borrelli dissects two styles of leg riders - short leg with a hug technique and deep leg with a cross body ride. He explains and demonstrates how to effectively score points using the leg slip against each technique.

  Learn to defend leg riders in a variety of situations:

  • Countering a power half
  • A cross face and whip across
  • Guarding against a re-route
  • Stopping a banana split
  • Scoring a reverse after being flattened out on the mat
  • Reversing the opponent with double legs in and more.

Borrelli also shows how your athletes can use the leg slip as an offensive weapon.

This is a perfect technique for wrestlers who aren't very strong on their feet, as it keeps the opponent on the mat.

By practicing and perfecting the leg slip, your wrestlers will gain a greater confidence on the mat against any type of leg rider and avoid getting ridden out

42 minutes. 2010.

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