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Position Drills for Bottom Wrestling

Position Drills for Bottom Wrestling

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As a wrestling coach Tom Ryan has many great achiements including 2x NCAA Championship appearances, 7x Conference Coach of the Year and 5 Conference Championships. Now, this successful coach shares his knowledge and experience with you!

This DVD includes 13 drills to help your wrestlers get to the feet more quickly and have more success from the bottom position. After a brief overview of the starting position, Coach Ryan begins teaching you the drills that he used with his wrestlers. Learn how to make adjustments based on your opponents moves, free up your wrists, build back to your base, develop a knee slide and get to a standing position, win inside elbow position, learn to stay tight when you are lifted to allow you to pop up from the mat, learn to balance on your feet and more.

Also, you will see techniques to pop, drop and spin, in order to finish the escape, learn how to stop your opponent from securing the leg and see demonstrations of counters to common breakdowns, and a quarter turn standup move.

Ryan is an excellent coach and teacher, as you will see from his through explanations and demonstrations in this DVD. 50 minutes. 2010.

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Getting off the bottom is essential to being successful in wrestling.
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Score points and explode from the bottom position!
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Branch preaches an attack mind-set from the bottom positions!
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