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Situational Wrestling from the Bottom Position

Situational Wrestling from the Bottom Position

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As the Head Wrestling Coach at Oklahoma State University, John Smith has a long history of success, including 5 NCAA Championships, and as a wrestler he has won 2 Olympic Gold Medals and 2 NCAA Championships. Few men have achieved as much as a wrestler and coach, and now Coach Smith shares his knowledge and skill with you!

Escaping the bottom position is a vital to winning. Learn how to turn a losing position into points. This DVD covers 8 common situations and will teach you skills such as:

Escaping from 2 on 1 and bellied out situations
Using your hips to get your opponent out of position
Beating tight waist rides
How to respond to getting chopped from the tight waist
Defending against leg rides
The swisher technique to get on your feet
How to free the leg and score from one leg in
How to beat crab rides and the half nelson
Get into a scramble position by pressuring into an opponent

Each move is completely demonstrated with emphasis on hand and hip positions. Why sacrifice time and points from the bottom position when you can gain the advantage that Coach Smith teaches to his own team! 85 minutes. 2010.

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Getting off the bottom is essential to being successful in wrestling.
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Score points and explode from the bottom position!
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Branch preaches an attack mind-set from the bottom positions!


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