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Championship Signature Move Series - Damion Hahn: Power Duck Under Series

Championship Signature Move Series - Damion Hahn: Power Duck Under Series

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with Damion Hahn,
Cornell University Assistant Coach;
2x NCAA Champion and 4x All American for the University of Minnesota
Two-time NCAA champion Damion Hahn presents a variation of the traditional duck under. Not only can you use this as an offensive technique, Hahn's duck under can be used as a set-up for other offensive attacks.

Coach Hahn starts with two warm-up drills to get you familiar with the techniques needed to successfully hit the move. From there he breaks down his power duck under from a collar tie position, showing how to isolate the opponent's arm to better execute the move. He teaches two variations of the move, along with two set-ups to get into the power duck.

Moving away from the attack advantages, Hahn shows how to use the power duck under as a set-up. His instruction covers what to do based on how your opponent tries to defend against the duck under. See how to use the position your opponent gives you to your advantage. You will see how to use the duck under as a set-up for:

ĽA double leg. Hahn finishes this move with a turk for back points or a fall.
ĽA finish to the claw. See three different finishes.
ĽUpper body lock. Hahn demonstrates four finishes. This technique also works well for freestyle competition.
ĽA change of direction move vs a collar tie. This low risk technique can provide takedown points.

These techniques helped Hahn win two NCAA Championships and are a great addition to your takedown library.

42 minutes. 2010.

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